luni, 27 octombrie 2008

Zakopane 2008 Youth in Action EVS

Here I am, folks :)

Sunday morning our train arrived in Northern Railway Station of Bucharest. We left Zakopane on Friday morning and we spent the rest of the day shopping and walking through Krakow. It was a quite sunny day and we all had a nice time. In the evening, Andres, our friendly host lead us to the Krakow train station, after a whole day that he spent with us. Very nice of him, and we all thank him for his support. Our train left almost at night, at 22.25. Unfortunately or not (at least for her), Basak took the same train as us, but she was going to her new home, Wien.
This polish train lead us to Budapest, where we were going to spend our whole Saturday... The trip has been usual, we went to sleep early, short time after 00.00. The couchettes were fine, but the cold air was waking my friends up from time to time. I slept like a log, lucky me.
Budapest… strange city. I’m not afraid to say that I don’t want to go back again at least for the moment. As soon as we arrived, and we were planning to go and leave our luggage at the luggage department, our friend’s Ionutz the luggage had left already. Someone in the station noticed that we are foreigners, and he thought that we could have expensive stuff in our packs. So… bad start for all of us, but especially for him :( .
Saturday has not been awesome for me, although I was not in the right mood for shopping, it could be worse. I spent all day long with Anca, and it was real fun. I’m happy that she found sport shoes and a nice jacket till the end of the day :).
In the evening we had to get the last train which was going to our sweet home Bucharest… This time we had no couchettes, so we had to try to sleep on our train chairs. Lucky for us that the train was not full, so we could occupy more chairs, and we could lay down.
This is the short-way story of the 3 days trip from Krakow to Bucharest.

For me, when I got home, the day was just at the beginning. I met my best friend as soon as I left home my backpack (lucky me that I still had it!), and after that I had to work for my other projects I’m preparing.

These days I’m gonna choose a few of the 1140 pictures and movies I shot in this whole youth exchange and I will upload them on the internet. I can tell you, one of the best is the final clip with us singing in the main square in Zakopane :)

I wish you all the best

Yours friendly,

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